• Budha graha japam

    Budha graha japam

    Budha japam – Performed when Budha (Mercury) is not favorable, not performance well, unlucky is with you, budha represents communication. Peedaa pariharaartha- Budha Graha japam has to be done

     Budh Graha japam will give the benefit to the students in the following way:

    • obtain attain supreme knowledge and peace.
    • hence achieve peaceful and powerful mind.
    • therefore make memory more intense and stronger.
    • finally minimize the malefic effect of afflicted mercury.
    • For excellent results and higher education of students.

    Budha graha japam

  • Chandi navakshari japam

    Benefits of durga navakshari mantra japam

    • first give a strong body devoid of ill health
    • hence Freedom from ill effects caused by evil
    • since keep us defended against future dangers and hardships
    • therefore Remove negative forces and gives victory/ success
    • therefore Put at end to our negative face
    • Hence provide peaceful spiritual journey :
    • finally give good life Husband/ Wife
  • Chandra graha japam

    Chandra graha japam

     Moon (Chandrudu) japam – Performed when Moon (Chandrudu) is not favorable , not performance well, unlucky is with you,

    Moon represents Mind, queen Peedaa pariharaartha Chandra Graha japam has to be done

    Benefits of Chandra graha japam

    • in the life of an individual as it can remove all the mind problems.
    • bring the good spirit into life.
    • shanthi with the Chandra pooja also rectifies the position of Chandra so that the individual can lead a peaceful life.
    • All the desires and success are being achieved in the life.
    • hence Peace and harmony comes back and all the health or mental problems go away from the life of the devotee.
    • therefore Prosperity and the good health is also
    • achieved by the individual so that the life goes smoothly.

    Chandra graha japam

  • Gayatri japam

    Gayatri japam is Vedamatha, the mother of all Vedas, A person totally devoted to Gayatri recitation can achieve great success in the path of self advancement. therefore Gayatri inspires man towards righteous wisdom, An astral, conscious electric current flows constantly in a person who is able to establish a relationship with Gayatri as it influences his mind.

    Benefits of gayatri japam

    • first gets longevity, bodily strength and good health by chanting.
    • hence gets released from wordly ties.
    • since  relieve one from the effect of poison and evil spirits.
    • therefore To provide peaceful spiritual journey
    • finally gives relief from relationship troubles.

    Gayatri japam

  • Guru graha japam

    Guru graha japam

    Guru graha japam – Performed when Guru (Jupitor) is not favorable, not performance well, unlucky is with you, Guru represents the great teacher. Peedaa pariharaartha- Guru Graha japam has to be done

    Benefits of Guru graha japam

    • Planet Jupiter helps those couples who do not have child and helps to bring progeny.
    • therefore All the health problems and the longevity of life are being provided by the Jupiter.
    • hence Jupiter is known for the provider of happiness, wealth, wisdom, mind concentration, spirituality, generosity, charity, respect, status and dignity and therefore to achieve all this people do the Brihaspatipooja to achieve all the wisdom in life and to remove all the bad effects from the life.

    Guru graha japam

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    Mruthyunjaya japam

    Maha Mruthyunjaya japam is dedicated to Lord Shiva to avoid untimely death, The Mruthyunjaya japam  is performed to achieve Jaya or Victory over Mritya or death. therefore The object of worship of this homa is Lord Shiva, One of the synonyms of Lord Shiva is Mrityu. Mrityu which means death of the death or the destroyer of death.

    Benefits of mruthyunjaya japam

    • Finally performed on birthdays.
    • It is also done for extending life time,
    • therefore  give a strong body devoid of ill health
    • Freedom from ill effects caused by evil
    • therefore Will give freedom from long term illnesses
    • Hence performed for cure for chronic
    • hence illness and healthy life.
  • Kethu graha japam

    Kethu graha japam

    Kethu  graha japam- Performed when Kethuvu  is not favorable, not performance well, unlucky is with you, Ketu represents supernatural influences. Peedaa pariharaartha– Kethu Graha japam has to be done

    Kethu graha japam benefits

    • To win over enemies/adversaries
    • finally protect from any negative eventuality/evil effects
    • For overall materialistic and spritual development
    • To minimize the malefic effect of afflicted Ketu
    • hence prevent and protect from accidents/misfortune

    kethu graha japam procedure

    Sankalpam, ganapthi puja, punyahavachanam, Navagraha puja, kethu graham japam,

    Auspicious date and time to do puja

    pandit will give you the auspicious date and time according of ur nakshatram or Pandit will help you in that by taking customers date of birth and time,

    Kethu graha japam

  • Maha sudarshana japam

    Benefits of sudarshana japam

    • Protects us from enemies and evil spells.
    • therefore Remedy (Parihara) for  breaking the evil spells.
    • Removes obstacles and makes your mission successful.
    • Helps to improve our business.
    • hence Removes your worries and grants happiness.
    • finally Protects our property.
    • Improves our energy level.
    • therefore Grants the performer health, wealth and prosperity
    • therefore Eliminate undesirable elements.
    • Relief from unexplainable diseases and illnesses
  • Mangala graha japam

    Mangala graha japam

    Mangala(Kujudu) japam – Performed when Mangala (kujudu) is not favorable, not performance well, unlucky is with you, Mars represents energy, confidence and ego, Peedaa pariharaartha- Kuja Graha japam has to be done

    Benefits of mangala graha japam

      • finally win over enemies/adversaries
      • To protect from any negative eventuality/evil effects
      • For overall materialistic and spritual development
      • therefore minimize the malefic effect of afflicted Ketu
      • To prevent and protect from accidents/misfortune
      • Will get success in marrage problems
      • hence Can avoid the mangalic dhosa

    Mangala graha japam

  • Navagraha japam

    Benefits Navagraha japam

    Sun is the king of planets which gives health.
    Moon is the planet which rules over mind and gives success.
    Mars or Mangal is the planet which gives prosperity and wealth.
    Mercury is the planet which gives knowledge.
    Jupiter first gives education
    Venus finally gives the knowledge of art, music etc.
    Saturn gives happiness and also teaches vairagya.
    Rahu hence makes life stronger.
    Ketu therefore ensures prosperity in the family.

    Navagraha japam

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