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Who we Are?

We are all Group of  Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil,  Brahmin pandits in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore,pandit or pundit is a scholar and a teacher, particularly one skilled in the Sanskrit language, Finally who has mastered the four Vedic scriptures, Hindu rituals, Hindu law, religion, music, and/or philosophy under a Guru in a Gurukul or has been tutored under the ancient Vedic Guru-Shishya academic tradition finally.

Online Pandits2u advantages

  • First You can book your purohit online  for all of your home rituals or poojas or ceremonies at lowest price with different language pandits.
  • Hence Our pandit booking operation team works in tech city of  bangalore,have no worry of technology and updation.
  • Our pandits are highly professional and dedicated to perform pujas or ceremonies on timely manner.
  • Hence Will fix shubh muhurt dates and times of an event at free of cost.
  • Terefore have different language speaking pandits in different cities.
  • Finally Our pandits will give proper guidance from fixing date to end of the pooja.

Why Us?

  • Pandits are well Experienced in Performing Puja and homa Rituals. Our pandits are highly Professional and extremely dedicated to performing pujas and homa in timely manner
  • We follow all the Vedic Guidelines for Worship a god Finally
  • We only bring allnecessary items for homam/puja or else clients can arrange we don’t force you
  • On time we willcome and complete your pujas according to your flexibility.
     And all kinds of puja & homam in affordable price.
  • Hence We displayed amount for all services this shows ourtransparency.
  • All purohit’s can instruct through language known by client.
  • Finally we have different types of pandits like Kannada, north indian pandit, bihari pandit, marathi pandit, bengali pandit, kashmiri pandits, hyderabad pandits, tamil pandit. Finally Book online purohit in Bangalore etc.