lakshmi kubera pooja/puja

Lakshmi kubera pooja

Lakshmi kubera pooja

Kuber puja is perfomed after Laxmi puja, Kuber is considered the God of wealth,

Therefore his puja is done along with Laxmi puja. According to Vishnu puran, kuber has given loan to lord venkatesh for his marriage with padmavati and about to pay until the end of kalyug,  People believes that if they worship lord kuber and laxmi together,

they will get the everything from this materialistic world and never get short of money.

Benefits of kubera lakshmi pooja

  • therefore Harmonize the husband wife relationship
  • To achieve peaceful and powerful mind
  • Will give a strong body devoid of ill health
  • therefore Freedom from ill effects caused by evil
  • Will give freedom from long term illnesses